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Heavyweight tarpaulins are made for the protection of the objects and goods which we keep outside. The weight of these sheets is heavy because heavy material is used. Our UV Protected Green & Brown Heavy Duty Tarpaulin – 250gsm are waterproof and provide protection from any harmful substances. These are ideal to use as are used in every field and are strong, structured, and designed. These tarps have a 50cm space between aluminum eyelets & 3 rivet corner reinforcement. These waterproof tarpaulins are made of special materials and differ from other tarps in that they have extra thick sheets and high-strength seams. These sheets have a different design from other types of tarpaulins, which makes them higher strength, specific and thick sheets of great quality. These covers are completely waterproof, shrink-proof, rot-proof, water resistance, tear resistance, cold resistance, anti-aging static, UV protected and durable. These can be used almost in all areas where someone needs protection.

They have special holes that allow the cover to be held at a fixed position without getting torn. The quality of these sheets makes them protected for a long time because of extra tough edges and high intensity tension. You can order us and we will ship your order to your desired location. These waterproof sheets are used for many applications, particularly where storm and harsh weather are involved. These tarps are easily open and make a structure within no time and easily fold up and save when not in use. The benefit of this covering is that time is saved through quick stacking as less tare for more payload. They are also anti-bacterial. Waterproof Lightweight Silver & Green Tarpaulin – 140gsm are easily disposed of without leaving any carbon behind. These are breathable as when a framer decides to ship fresh fruits and vegetables, these products need to be covered so that these goods do not get rotten even after hours of travel in the truck. These tarps are the most resilient and strongest materials used during a renovation; they’re used to cover an area where a flame retardant tarp can be wrapped around an area as heat from air heaters is produced.

Heavy Duty Waterproof Blue Tarpaulin – 200gsm are widely used in industries to make clothes, army tents, bags, and much more. Cotton yarns are tensile and versatile. These have a superior water taxing effect that makes them robust. Military tents and military shelters are also constructed from these fabrics. These are also used to make posters and covers, as they have the specific properties of building images. Even if the tarp gets wet, these rings will not stain the fabric. These covers, which are often used as roof covers, are designed to withstand against all weathers, including blazing hot summers and chilly winters. We use high quality materials and thick fiber layers that help you protect different items from different climates, as many useful items get damaged if not properly covered, so a specific type of protection is necessary. We provide you with great quality Brown & Blue Heavy Duty Tarpaulins as our marketing is famous all over the market. So, feel free to contact us to order quality and unique tarpaulins.

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