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Privacy Netting is dense combine mesh cloth and is frequently used as perimeter fence, windshield, scaffolding enclosures, and temporary special event fencing. For best life expectancy, privacy netting is comprised of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with UV inhibitors. Visual privacy and wind barrier are provided by the thick flat mesh strands. The edges of the Black Privacy Netting 170gsm Fence Netting rolls include reinforced button holes for attaching. This makes installation simple, safe, and secure. For convenient shipping and handling, every Privacy Netting is carefully wrapped in clear poly bags with labelling. Eagle’s fence netting has been thoroughly tested and certified to satisfy current industrial and construction requirements. Privacy nets can be used as a fence screen and are ideal for residential and commercial applications that require privacy, shade, and protection. Some of the applications of these netting is crowd management, fencing for special events, sports events and golf courses, fence screen protection, privacy barrier, jobsite perimeter security, windscreen for construction, enclosure for scaffolding, debris removal and control. Privacy Clear poly bags with labelling are used to neatly wrap the netting. It offers a visual barrier for privacy. On the construction site, it generates a windshield block or shade cloth. It guards against dust and dirt. This sheet is UV resistant and completely waterproof. White Standard Fence Tarpaulin Lightweight Fencing Cover 110gsm can be used for plant coverings, shade tarps, truck covers, enclosures, site barriers, privacy fences, kennel covers, and other outdoor living areas. It is more efficient than any other shade fabric at reflecting UV rays and reducing heat. Our privacy netting is produced completely of virgin material and contains 90% mesh shade cloth. Eyelet holes should have metre interval spacing for attachment. The netting is made of high density knitted polyethylene mesh. It is used to give total protection from the sun’s UV rays while also being tear resistant. Our netting is mould and mildew resistant. This material is known by a variety of names, including fence screen, windscreen, and shade cloth. Because Green Privacy Netting Windbreak Screening Net 230gsm is weather resistant and UV stabilized, it will survive a long time when fixed above. The fabric’s flexible weave lets air to travel through, keeping you and your dog’s cool during the summer. Swimming pools, tennis courts, play areas, green houses, Polly tunnels, fruit cages, carports, and business places where safety and security are essential can all benefit from our privacy/shade screens. Connect to a chain-link fence, trellis, home garden, or business fencing for added privacy, construction, building site security, and safety. This sheet may be utilized in both business and residential environments. This sheet is used whenever shade, protection, and isolation are required. The net is easy to install, tie, and secure to fence constructions. Our netting is UV coated and protected tear-resistant mesh netting also known as shade cloth, fence screen, or windshield. Our nets when cut, it will not unravel. There mesh design enables a little amount of air to pass through. In cold weather settings, these netting remains maintains their flexibility.

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