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Our Heavy Duty Flame Retardant Rootproof Tarpaulin 200gsm are constructed of extra heavy material to protect goods and products from extreme weather conditions such as heavy winds,rain and hot weather. These heavy-duty tarps are available as UV protected waterproof tarps and are made of durable thick material that is used to cover items completely from external sources like sunlight and weather conditions. These are excellent and safe tarpaulins for the desired location, and also come with brass eyelets placed 50cm each on all sides of the tarp. These sheets also forbid the surface of items to be damaged. These are used for camping and other outdoor activities because they can be used as a shelter during trekking and as a tent when hiking or wandering in the woods.

Heavy Duty Waterproof Pvc Tarpaulin -560gsm are also used in agriculture on a large scale, even though farmers use tarpaulin sheets to cover their farms during predicted rain or snowfall. These are used where light penetration is required and can not be seen through. These covers are rot-proof as they have double sides to avoid ripping and special holes to allow them to be placed without treads. These covers can be used as dump truck covers, shade cloth, visual privacy, landscaping, nurseries, site barriers, and pool covers. At construction sites, these tarps can temporarily keep water from ruining an attic and divert roof leaks. These can keep building materials dry in makeshift tents. These covers are UV protected, waterproof, acid and rot resistant, and UV resistant. These are used for outdoor activities and camping as they are suitable shelters during trudge and tents when hiking or wandering in the woods. These are mainly used when goods need to be transported. These tarps stand against bad weather and protect goods.

These waterproof covers are the most commonly used. In the construction industry, where fresh ferro concrete or brickwork has to be guarded from summer drying. In the winter season, these sheets are required as protection from the freezing winter temperatures. Heavy Duty 610gsm Reinforced PVC Tarpaulins are used in harsh weather and are available in different colors, such as red, blue, white and PVC transparent, which provide the ability to see through them. These are made to last long and provide a roof solution where items need protection from rain and UV rays. They are heavyweight and withstand storms. These sheets protect floors and furniture from paint splatters, and they must be able to control water, rain, fall, weather effects, and moisture. We offer colors and sizes according to the demand of customers. They are long-lasting and withstand harsh weather without worrying about the objects getting damaged. These are used where light penetration is required and can be seen through. They are rot-proof because they have double edges to guarantee that there are no rips, and a special hole to allow them to be suspended by treads. Heavy Duty Black And Silver Tarpaulin 27ogsm can be brought from us at attractive rates where we ensure that no compromise is made on quality. We provide the best quality products at affordable rates. We satisfy our customers, so they don’t need to think while using our products.

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