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Clear Tarpaulins are best to use where light penetration is required, as they are manufactured from thick nylon thread shafts, which ensures the lasting life of these covers. These are widely used for agricultural purposes.UV Protected Waterproof Glass Clear Tarpaulins – 310GSM provide superior protection to outdoor living spaces and can be hung on porches and patios, providing a clear view while guarding against heat, rain, wind, cold and UV rays. These are made from high quality PVC material as they provide resistance to water, chemicals, and mildew. They are widely used where most extreme light infiltration is required. These are tear-resistant, acid-resistant, mildew-resistant, durable, arctic flexible, waterproof, UV treated and heavy-duty poly tarpaulins.

Heavy Duty Flame Retardant Reinforced Clear Tarpaulin – 610 gsm are long-lasting as they are made from thick material and are completely waterproof. These are used for a number of problems where other products are not ideal, such as for green houses and on construction sites. The quality of these sheets is outstanding as they have heat-sealed seams and are multilayered with very high tear resistance. These are strongly multi-functional as they are available in various textures, grades, patterns, sizes, weights, colors, and shapes, and can be used for numerous purposes as they are versatile and multi-functional. It takes less space due to its flexibility and is easy to handle during journeys on mountain hills or on any kind of tour. These tarps are most commonly used where maximum light penetration is required, as well as used in nurseries and green houses to provide protection from direct rays of the sun. They are also suitable for professional and domestic use. These are widely used to cover fruit trees and plants which need to be saved from sunlight and from bad weather conditions such as rain. These covers are used for disposing of large amounts of garden waste such as leaves or mowed grass. They also cover the grass or any vegetables in bad weather. We made  UV Protected Waterproof Mono Cover Clear Tarpaulin – 170gsm that withstand extremely cold or hot weather. The edges of these covers are heated and seamed until they are sealed to prevent tearing or ripping.

The size of these covers is according to choose, but the most commonly used size is 8 by 10 fit, with a weight of 8ounces per square yard, and smaller is 6/10 fit, larger is 40 to 60 fit. They are designed according to customers’ requirements. Mostly, these are used to cover plants which are grown in covered shelters and need light for growth. Plants can grow in a controlled environment by using these Mono Cover Clear Tarpaulins – 100gsm. The quality of these covers is so great that you can feel good by buying our clear tarps. These are available at affordable rates so that everyone can buy the best quality tarps easily, as quality makes them perfect. The color of these sheets depends on the requirements of the customer. These covers are made for customers’ needs to provide customers with the best quality product. They get superb things that can be easily affordable. We are famous for our best-quality products and excellent services.

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